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Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry OS

Jetnet APN

Do you already have the SIM card for Jetnet Mobile?

Well, now it is only configure the APN on your smartphone. Here we give you the steps to do it, depending on the operating system of your device, Android, IOS (iPhone) or Blackberry OS.

Instructions to configure Jetnet for your Android Smartphone

Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks > APNs (may also be called Access Point Names) If you see any APN created, delete it so that there is no problem.

To delete them, enter each one of them and press the secondary button on your phone and click Delete

When they are all removed, follow the steps in this manual.

Instructions to configure Jetnet for your Smartphone Apple

First of all, if you have a profile installed, you have to delete it by going to Settings> General> Profiles> And delete the existing profile

Download this Plugin (by clicking we click on “Allow”) You have to download it with the Safari browser

Once downloaded, we enter Settings> General> Profiles and click on the downloaded profile and click on “Install”.