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Privacy Policy

Data protection, cookies and social networks policy

JETNET, through this Policy, informs that the personal data of clients will be treated respecting the obligations and guarantees established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data, as in Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, and in accordance with the principles of transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

Complying with the aforementioned regulations, and at the same time, helping the client or user of any JETNET Product or Service to understand how their personal data is collected, used, processed and protected, JETNET informs you of the following aspects related to your right to protection of personal data.

  • Who processes your data?

Indication of who is responsible for the treatment and the contact of our office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Explanation of the data categories processed by JETNET.

Explanation of the different roles that the client and the user can assume, as well as the differences it implies when defining the way in which we process their data.

List of the legitimizing bases and purposes for which JETNET may process personal data (execution of the contract, legitimate interest and consent).

Indication of the conservation periods related to each of the processing of personal data according to its purpose.

Detail of all necessary information about the rights that assist the client or user as well as the means by which they can request JETNET to exercise them.

Detail of the information we share with recipients and the purposes of the communication.

Completion of international data transfers that we carry out outside the European Economic Area.

Confidentiality and information security measures used by JETNET to protect personal data.

Information on the existence, if applicable, of automated decisions that produce effects for the client.

Scope of further processing of personal data for new purposes.

Information about the data processing carried out by JETNET in the event that the client or user is a minor.

Information about the anonymization process of the client’s or user’s personal data.

Details of the Cookies Policy.

Regulation of the procedure for modifying the Privacy Policy.

Applicability and context of the Privacy Policy.

Definition of the concepts used by the Privacy Policy for better understanding.

  • Who processes your data?

JETNET will be responsible for the processing of the client’s personal data, depending on the products and services contracted, except for those particularities that may be included in the conditions of the specific product or service:

Company name: JETNET WIMAX SA with CIF: A18610873, Address: C/ San Antón 72, 18005 Granada, telephone: 900585858, and fax: 958958010, registered in the Commercial Registry of: Granada, volume: 996, book: 0, folio: 20, section: 8, sheet: GR-20256. The email is: administracion@jetnet.es and the domain name is: jetnet.es

Likewise, we inform you that the Data Protection Officer is the person in charge of ensuring the protection of your fundamental right to the protection of personal data within JETNET. To contact the JETNET Data Protection Officer, you can write to the following address: administracion@jetnet.es.

  • What is personal data and what data do we process?

Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. In this sense, an identifiable natural person is considered any person whose identity can be determined, directly or indirectly, by means of an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or one or more elements of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of said person.

At JETNET, we process the personal information that the client or user provides for contracting a product or service, the information generated through its provision, as well as the data generated or estimated by JETNET. Based on the principle of minimization, the data that we may process will be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary based on the purposes for which they are processed, and always respecting the will of the client or user.

The data subject to processing will be different depending on the JETNET Products or Services that the Client or user uses or has contracted, as well as the additional treatments allowed or authorized by the same.

The data that JETNET can process are the following:

  • a) Data obtained from the client or user : these are the data provided by the Client or user initially to manage the contract, or later during the course of the contract. These data include contact information (ID, postal address, installation address, landline and mobile telephone numbers), email address, date of birth, profession and economic sector and/or activity, payment information and/or bank account for direct debit of invoices, the portability movements of the lines, as well as any type of information collected, where appropriate, through the Customer service channels of the different JETNET brands (for example, nickname or identifier on networks social complaints, complaints, breakdowns, queries made through the telephone channel, chat, email or any other means that JETNET may use in the future), including that obtained through cookies during your visits to the JETNET Websites and Apps. , and the interactions of the client or user with JETNET’s official social networks.
    Additionally, through some JETNET services or forms that are voluntarily filled out by the client/user, other types of data may be incorporated to better understand the client that may be related to other JETNET products and services, such as, for example, information about the characteristics of your home and services that you have contracted for it (insurance, private security, music, television, home automation, etc.), employment situation, information about your vehicle, or any other depending on the sectors in which JETNET can market its products. products and services. The data obtained by these means will be used by JETNET and will be incorporated into the rest of the information that we have as a client, as well as for the other purposes that have been permitted or authorized in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
  • b) Data not obtained from the Client or user :

b.1) Data derived from the provision of the service or product:

a) Data on JETNET Products or Services  : these are the data referring to the type of products or services contracted, installed equipment, average monthly consumption, for example, related to the number of calls, number of minutes, type of call (national, international, roaming…); SMS number, data volume used; billing data, for example, revenue per customer or average of the arithmetic amount, type of services charged through your invoice and usage data, including applications, website and JETNET platform.

b) Consumption data on JETNET (television and other devices)  are the data obtained from the provision of the JETNET service, among others, the content viewed through the customer’s home television, and/or any other device available on JETNET, as well as the average monthly consumption, for example, related to the minutes of content viewed or consumed on television or on devices.

c) Traffic data:  are the data associated with call details, that is, origin number and destination number, date, time and duration of the call; origin and destination number of the SMS and/or MMS sent, the public IP address of each connection made, including its date and time of connection, the number that internationally identifies a client (IMSI), as well as any other event associated with the traffic voice, data or messages.

d) Web visit data:  are the technical and navigation data associated with each web access or visit made, including the public IP address with which it is made, the date and time of said connection, the DNS query, the web pages consulted or the applications used, the IP of the website consulted, domain name (URL), sections visited within the website (URI) and volume of data used.

  • e) Location data:  are the data on the geographical position of the user’s mobile line, that is: the identifier of the antenna to which the communication is associated and its geographical position, the change of antenna and/or turning it on and off. of the device to be able to give you the necessary coverage, date and time of the above information.

If any service processes other location data other than those indicated in this section using other technology, for example, GPS location, it will be indicated in the corresponding conditions of service provision.

f) Data issued and/or obtained from the device:  these are the data obtained from your device, either because you have given access to it through permissions or because it has been issued by the device itself and is necessary for its operation. This data may be: the data stored on the device, contact book, technical identifiers, cookies, photos, operating system, IP address of the connection, MAC, language, app version, time zone, SIM card operator, status of user-granted permissions, tokens, screen size, or any other device feature.

b.2) Data generated or estimated by JETNET:

They are the data resulting from the analyzes carried out by JETNET based on the data available from the client or user for internal management, commercial service and other purposes related to the execution of the contract, as well as, where appropriate, for the rest of the purposes indicated in the section Why do we process your data?

We may make estimates based on your data about your age, gender, terminal or device used (brand, model, operating system), age (of the customer, line or terminal used), preferred purchasing channel, customer service province. and nearest store, type of home, return from commercial campaigns carried out, whether the customer or user uses digital media, what is the best time to contact you, payment behavior, degree of propensity to downgrade, as well as the basic analysis of aspects related to your personal preferences and interests based on consumption data on JETNET (television and other devices), etc.

b.3) Data not obtained from the interested party that comes from external sources:

These are data that will allow JETNET to have an updated and more reliable detail that allows the regularization or verification of the data provided by the client or user for subsequent use in accordance with the provisions of this Policy. For example, we will consult the registry to regularize the street name so that it is the same for all clients or we will consult lists of IP addresses infected with some type of malware with the aim of protecting the security of the networks.

Notwithstanding the above, it is reported that the provision of JETNET Products and Services may involve the processing of other categories of data not included in this list, in which case, the Client or user will be informed in the specific privacy conditions for each one of the affected products or services, and having obtained your consent, if necessary, in accordance with the applicable regulations, to consult the conditions of the JETNET products and services that you may have contracted, you can do so through www.jetnet.es.

In order to comply with the principle of transparency, we inform you that we have available to the client the section,  https://boss.jetnet.es/frontend/sites/extranet/index.html  as well as the section, cookies, where both the The client as a user will be able to view and download some of the data we process about you. To access it you can do so through the website www.jetnet.es.

Without prejudice to the data indicated above, JETNET informs that the data processed may be subject to an irreversible anonymization process, complying, in any case, with the code of good practices in data protection for Big data projects, as well as the Guidelines and guarantees in the anonymization procedures of personal data published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency with the aim of using all the guarantees established by legislation as well as any other measures permitted by the market and technology. You can obtain more information about how we anonymize your data in the section How and why do we anonymize your data? In this regard, it should be noted that the principles of personal data protection are not applicable to anonymous information.

  • How do we process your data?

This Policy details the way in which JETNET processes personal data, and of which the client has been informed. There are JETNET products and services that have several associated lines, which implies the necessary interrelation between the owners and the users or business interlocutors. This circumstance entails the obligation on the part of the owner to inform said users or interlocutors of the rights and obligations that correspond to them and that are included in this Policy, or in the terms and conditions of the JETNET products and services in force at all times. .

  • What does it mean to be the Customer?

The client is responsible for the relationship established with JETNET, and accepts the conditions under which it is developed. In this sense, you guarantee that you are authorized and have obtained the consent of the users or interlocutors to accept the privacy conditions established in this policy, as well as in the conditions of each of the JETNET products and services contracted.

The client is informed that the powers attributed to him for the management of his rights are adapted according to the technology and characteristics of our different channels (web, stores, telephone, devices or applications) and may be different from those assigned to the user or interlocutor. The scope of these powers will be duly informed when accessing them.

  • What does it mean to be a user?

Regardless of the status of owner or client, the user is the one who uses the JETNET products and services contracted by the owner. JETNET is committed to privacy, so without prejudice to the powers established for the Client, the user will have the right to oppose all or any of the treatments managed by the client and that could affect the processing of their personal data.

  • What does it mean to be a company representative and/or interlocutor?

The representative and/or interlocutor of the company is the one who maintains the direct relationship with JETNET, and the processing of your contact data is covered by the relationship established between JETNET and the client company. Without prejudice to the powers established by the Company for representatives and/or interlocutors, they will have the power to oppose the receipt of commercial communications through the means established by JETNET.

  • Why do we process your data?

At JETNET we process the client’s or user’s data for the provision of the service, as well as for other purposes that the client or user allows or authorizes in the terms informed in this Privacy Policy or in the specific Conditions of each JETNET product or service contracted.

Additionally, during the validity of the contractual relationship, other data may be incorporated for these or other purposes, in which case the client or user will be duly informed at the time of collection, for example, through the MMS, attention commercial in store, online channel or Apps. So, before carrying out any additional processing not provided for in this Policy, we will inform you in the “Privacy Information” or in the privacy clause of the Specific Conditions of each JETNET product, service, application or form.

The Client will be solely responsible for all the information provided to JETNET for the management and contracting of the products and services, guaranteeing that it is authorized and has obtained the consent of its owner for the delivery. JETNET is not responsible for the use of false, inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated data provided by the Client.

For these purposes, JETNET informs of the legitimizing bases that will allow the different treatments:

1st. Contract execution

JETNET informa de que para la ejecución del contrato suscrito con el cliente podrá utilizar, de entre las categorías de datos recogidas en el apartado 3, aquéllas que sean necesarias para la correcta ejecución del mismo. Además, necesitamos tratar tus datos para poder prestarte con la máxima calidad los mejores productos y servicios, para adaptarnos a tus necesidades, así como para mejorar tu experiencia en el disfrute de dichos productos y servicios. Tratar tus datos nos permitirá ser más eficientes y por lo tanto nos ayudará a seguir manteniendo los máximos niveles de seguridad y confianza en los servicios que te prestamos.

La concreción específica de los datos tratados se identificará en las cláusulas de protección de datos de las Condiciones de cada producto o servicio. Además, como cliente JETNET, los tratamientos que puedan ser necesarios para cumplir con dicho contrato se realizará con las siguientes finalidades:

  • Prestar el servicio, mantenerlo y gestionar la relación contractual con el cliente o usuario.
  • Atención al cliente a través de cualquier canal JETNET al que pueda dirigirse: SMS, tiendas JETNET, página y App, redes sociales o cualquier otro medio de comunicación autorizado por JETNET, incluyendo herramientas, dispositivos y/o aplicaciones que JETNET ponga a disposición del mismo para la gestión de sus productos y servicios, como por ejemplo los chats.
  • Conocer cómo se utilizan los productos o servicios, páginas web y app JETNET contratados o puestos a disposición del cliente o usuario para detectar tendencias y correlaciones, realizar analíticas, estudios o evaluaciones sobre el uso del mismo, entender y predecir las necesidades de los clientes y/ o usuarios, nivel de satisfacción, así como para tomar mejores decisiones de negocio (p.ej. cómo mejorar y evolucionar los dichos productos y servicios) y personalizar tu experiencia.
  • Acreditar la contratación, realización de analíticas para automatización de gestiones con el objetivo de mejorar la calidad de la atención técnica y comercial, verificar la satisfacción de los clientes o usuarios a través de la grabación de su voz y, en su caso, transcripción de la atención proporcionada a través de los canales habilitados al efecto.
  • Realización de estadísticas, encuestas o estudios de mercado, que tengan por finalidad evaluar la calidad del producto o servicio, la toma de decisiones de negocio, comerciales, de inversión, comprobar las ventas o productos que más se venden etc, incluyendo un plazo de tres meses tras haber dejado de ser cliente o usuario, por ejemplo, para conocer los motivos de su marcha o insatisfacción. Para ello, JETNET cuenta con terceros de confianza a los que encarga la realización de estas encuestas o estudios de mercado para la obtención de los resultados anónimos.
  • Mantener la seguridad de las redes y servicios de comunicaciones electrónicas, detectar fallos o errores técnicos en la transmisión de las comunicaciones electrónicas, así como, cualquier tratamiento que sea necesario para la correcta prestación del servicio de telecomunicaciones o cualquier otra normativa sectorial resulte de aplicación
  • Cumplir con las obligaciones legales de calidad del servicio impuestas por la legislación de telecomunicaciones.
  • Detectar o impedir la utilización abusiva o fraudulenta de los productos y servicios JETNET, así como su contratación irregular, incluyendo cualquier mecanismo utilizado por JETNET con el objetivo de verificar la correcta identificación del cliente o usuario.
  • Invitar a los clientes, a través su interlocutor, a jornadas, eventos o acciones públicas organizadas por JETNET que pudieran resultar de su interés.
  • Cualquier otra que sea obligatoria y necesaria para el cumplimiento de sus funciones como operador de telecomunicaciones o de prestador de servicios de la sociedad de la información.

2º. Interés legítimo

El interés legítimo constituye una base legitimadora del tratamiento, siempre que dicho interés en tratar los datos del cliente JETNET para la finalidad indicada se encuentre dentro de tus expectativas razonables basadas en la relación que tienes como cliente y usuario JETNET.

En este sentido, consideramos que se encuentran amparados por el interés legítimo y, por tanto, JETNET podrá tratar los siguientes datos para cada una de las finalidades descritas a continuación:

  • Se podrán tratar los datos sobre tráficos anómalos que se puedan estar realizando desde la conexión del cliente o usuario y que afecten a la seguridad de las redes, sistemas o equipos con el fin de que JETNET pueda remitir al mismo, por cualquier medio, información o alerta de ciberseguridad.
  • Se podrán tratar los datos obtenidos del cliente o usuario, los datos derivados de la prestación del servicio o producto (datos de los productos o servicios JETNET, los consumos de JETNET (televisión y de otros dispositivos) y las visitas en nuestra página web y App JETNET) así como los datos generados por JETNET, con el fin de analizar o predecir de forma muy básica aspectos relativos a sus preferencias personales e intereses y que, JETNET pueda ofrecer al mismo, por cualquier medio, ofertas personalizadas de productos y servicios JETNET.
  • In the case of having contracted the JETNET Television Service and other devices, the data obtained from the client or user, the data derived from the provision of the service or product (data of JETNET products or services, JETNET consumption of television and other devices and visits to our website and JETNET App and the data generated by JETNET, in order to analyze or predict in a very basic way aspects related to your personal preferences and interests and that JETNET can offer to the client. personalized offers of JETNET products and services on your television service, as well as products and services from JETNET partners.

Additionally, and to make commercial offers, JETNET may process the data provided by the user of those who have requested information about JETNET Products and Services by any means (including, where applicable, electronic), for a maximum period of two years. since they were supplied.

The right to object to these treatments may be exercised by sending the relevant notification to the addresses listed in the “Exercise of Rights” section of this Privacy Policy.

3rd. Consent

Consent constitutes a legitimizing basis for the processing that will allow JETNET to process the following data for each of the purposes described below, after obtaining the corresponding authorization from the client or user as appropriate.

To this end, each client or user will previously receive a specific informative communication with a sufficient level of detail for the processing of data for the purposes indicated below:

  • Data obtained from the client or user, data derived from the provision of the service or product, data from JETNET products or services, consumption on JETNET of television and other devices, and visits to our website and App may be processed. JETNET, the data generated by JETNET and external sources, in order to carry out a commercial profile and that JETNET can offer you, by any means, including electronic and digital, offers of products and services from JETNET and JETNET partners.
  • Data obtained from the client or user, data derived from the provision of the service or product, data from JETNET products or services, consumption on JETNET television and other devices, traffic data, web visits and location and sources may be processed. external, in order to create a commercial profile and be able to make, by any means, including electronic and digital, personalized offers of JETNET products and services.
  • Se podrán tratar los datos obtenidos del cliente o usuario, los datos derivados de la prestación del servicio o producto, datos de los productos o servicios JETNET, los consumos en JETNET televisión y de otros dispositivos, datos de tráfico, visitas web y localización y fuentes externas con el fin de realizar un perfil comercial y poder realizar al mismo, por cualquier medio, incluidos electrónicos y digitales, ofertas personalizadas de productos y servicios de socios JETNET.
  • Se podrán tratar los datos obtenidos del cliente o usuario, los datos derivados de la prestación del servicio o producto datos de los productos o servicios JETNET, los consumos en JETNET televisión y de otros dispositivos, con el fin de realizar un perfil comercial y que JETNET pueda ofrecer al mismo, por cualquier medio, incluidos electrónicos y digitales, ofertas de Productos y Servicios JETNET, durante un plazo máximo de dos años desde la finalización del contrato con JETNET.
  • Se podrán tratar los datos obtenidos del Cliente en los casos en los que el mismo, conforme a su derecho a figurar en las guías telefónicas o de servicios de consulta telefónica sobre números de abonado, haya manifestado explícitamente su deseo de ser incluido. No obstante, el cliente podrá siempre solicitar, gratuitamente acreditando por escrito su identidad, su exclusión, su no utilización para fines de venta directa, la omisión total o parcial de su dirección u otros datos personales o que se enmienden los errores existentes.

La retirada del consentimiento para estos tratamientos podrá realizarse mediante el envío de la notificación pertinente por los medios que constan en el apartado “Ejercicio de Derechos” de la presente Política de Privacidad.

  • Plazos de conservación de la información

Se informa de que, en cumplimiento del principio de limitación del plazo de conservación, los datos serán tratados única y exclusivamente durante el tiempo necesario y para las finalidades para las que se hayan recabado en cada momento. Serán pues mantenidos de forma que se permita la identificación de los interesados durante no más tiempo del necesario para los fines del tratamiento de los datos personales.

Por todo lo anterior, JETNET ha establecido los siguientes los plazos de conservación que serán aplicables en función de la finalidad y de la base legitimadora, salvo que en algún supuesto se haya especificado un plazo diferente en la presente Política de privacidad o en las condiciones de prestación de cada uno de los productos y servicios JETNET:

  • Para realizar los tratamientos relacionados con la ejecución del contrato, los datos serán conservados durante el tiempo que sea estrictamente necesario para cumplir con las finalidades que requiera cada producto o servicio. la información sobre tráfico, navegación y localización se tratará durante un periodo que puede oscilar entre 3 y 12 meses para cumplir con las obligaciones de mantenimiento de la seguridad de las redes o prevención del fraude.
  • In application of civil, commercial and tax legislation, the data related to the contracting and billing of the contracted products and services will be stored for a period of 8 years from the client’s cancellation.
  • In compliance with Law 25/2007, traffic and location data will be kept for 12 months and may be requested by court order.
  • To carry out treatments related to the analysis of data to predict the interests and preferences of the client or user covered by legitimate interest, as well as the preparation of a commercial profile if consent has been obtained, the data indicated in Each of the cases allowed or authorized by the client will be stored and processed for that purpose for a period of 12 months, unless a longer period is necessary to fulfill the intended purpose. For example, the services that have been contracted by the client during the term of the contractual relationship with JETNET.

After the periods indicated above, the data may be destroyed, blocked or anonymized, as appropriate, and in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

  • Exercise of rights

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations, JETNET informs the client that they have the following rights derived from the applicable regulations:

  • Access : allows the data owner to obtain information about whether at JETNET we are processing personal data that concerns them or not and, if so, the right to obtain information about your personal data undergoing processing.
  • Rectification : allows you to correct errors and modify data that turns out to be inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Deletion : allows the data to be deleted and no longer processed by JETNET, unless there is a legal obligation to retain it and/or other legitimate reasons for its processing by JETNET do not prevail. For example, when personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected, the customer may request that we delete that data without undue delay.
  • Limitation : under the legally established conditions, it allows the processing of data to be paralyzed, in such a way that JETNET prevents its processing in the future, which will only retain it for the exercise or defense of claims.
  • Opposition : in certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, interested parties may object to the processing of their data. JETNET will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
  • Portability : allows the interested party to receive their personal data that concerns them, that they have provided to JETNET, and to be able to transmit it directly to another person in charge in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. To exercise this right, the client will need to provide a valid email address.

JETNET guarantees the adoption of the necessary measures to ensure the exercise of these rights free of charge, and for such exercise it is necessary to attach a copy of your official identification document:

  • By writing an email through the following address, providing the same information set out in the previous section, to: administracion@jetnet.es
  • Calling from each of your landlines or mobile lines, with respect to which you intend to exercise your right to the free telephone number 900585858.
  • Through other means that may be made available to the client or user according to availability, such as the JETNET App.

As established by legislation, the exercise of these rights will be attended to by JETNET within a maximum period of one month. However, depending on the complexity of the request, the complete implementation of certain rights could entail a longer period that in no case will exceed two additional months.

Likewise, and especially when the client considers that he has not obtained full satisfaction in the exercise of his rights, he may write to the data protection officer at the following address: administracion@jetnet.es

Finally, the client will have the right to file a claim with the national control authority, for these purposes they must contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency, whose contact details are as follows:

Spanish Data Protection Agency

C/ Jorge Juan, 6 – 28001 Madrid

Telephones: 901 100 099/91 266 35 17

  • Information we share: Recipients or categories of recipients

JETNET will only exchange personal data with third party recipients, for any of the purposes provided for in the privacy policy, with the objective of maintaining the contractual relationship, credit information systems, as well as those that are legally required in compliance with any regulations that is applicable in the terms set forth below:

  • Necessary for the provision of the service:

JETNET has contracted trusted providers to manage some of the functions necessary to provide the service who may have access to personal data, who will act as data processors and who will be contractually obliged to comply with their legal obligations as data processor. , to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of the information.

Regarding the categories of recipients, it is indicated that the client’s personal information may be shared with the commercial and technical services of JETNET, depending on the products and/or services that the client has contracted. The client will be able to find an updated list of the categories of said suppliers, as well as those that carry out international data transfers in the exercise of their functions, at  www.jetnet.es .

In no case will the personal data of the Client or user be shared with third companies without obtaining their prior consent, unless the communication of their data is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the contractual relationship with the client, as well as in the cases provided. by the regulations in force at all times.

Likewise, given the configuration of JETNET’s commercial offer and depending on the technical needs for the provision of the services that are part of it, necessary data communications may occur between the joint controllers of the treatment, with the In order to correctly provide and manage the contracted service, offer the commercial offer that best suits the client’s circumstances (for example, if they have coverage limitations that imply a satellite solution), as well as their interests and preferences.

Additionally, it is reported that personal data that is necessary for the provision, billing and collection of third-party services contracted by the client through JETNET products and services may be communicated, such as, for example, other telecommunications operators, service providers. additional pricing services as well as the rest of the suppliers that, where applicable, are indicated in the Conditions of the products or services.

  • Data communications to credit information systems :

The Client is informed that, in accordance with current regulations, in cases of non-payment, the data related to the debt may be communicated to third parties duly legally authorized and in charge of managing the non-compliance with monetary obligations.

In this sense, we inform you that the credit information systems with which JETNET works are ASNEF, a system managed by the company EQUIFAX IBERICA SL and BADEXCUG, a system managed by the company Experian Bureau de Crédito, SA

  • Data communications to financial and payment entities :

The data will be communicated to the credit and payment institutions to the extent necessary to manage the collection of the contracted services and in particular direct debits.

Likewise, the Client is informed that the invoices issued by JETNET may be subject to factoring operations with financial entities, so that it is possible that the credit receivable by JETNET may be transferred in favor of a specific financial entity. If your invoice is the subject of a factoring operation, this aspect will be reported on the invoice itself. For this activity, JETNET will inform about the entities with which it works on its website.

  • Compliance with a legal obligation

JETNET may also communicate your personal information to duly legally authorized third parties when necessary to comply with the law.

JETNET may communicate the client’s personal data to the different public authorities by virtue of a legal obligation, such as tax and customs authorities, judicial authorities, competent telecommunications authorities, judicial police, entities providing security services. attention to emergency calls 112, and any other that, depending on current regulations, is applicable.

  • International data transfers

It is reported that JETNET contracts the management of some of the functions necessary for the provision of the service with data processors located outside the European Economic Area and who, in any case, guarantee an adequate level of protection of personal data. The detailed list of them can be consulted on our website www.jetnet.es

  • Security and confidentiality in the processing of your information

JETNET is concerned with guaranteeing the security, secrecy and confidentiality of your data, communications and personal information. Therefore, as part of our commitment and in compliance with current legislation, we have adopted the most appropriate security measures and technical means to prevent its loss, misuse or access without your authorization.

When we receive customer data, we use rigorous procedures and security features to prevent any unauthorized access.

The personal data that we may collect through the different communications that we maintain with you will be treated with absolute confidentiality, committing us to maintain secrecy regarding them and guaranteeing the duty to keep them, adopting all necessary and reasonable measures to prevent their alteration, loss and processing. or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation.

In cases of violation of personal data security that entails risk to the rights of individuals, JETNET will take the necessary measures to remedy the situation and mitigate the possible negative effects that said violation could have caused. Likewise, it will notify clients or users and the competent National Authority when required by the applicable data protection regulations.

  • Automated decisions that produce legal effects for the client

You are informed that the processing of your data for the indicated purposes will only involve the application of automated decisions that produce legal effects for the client, when the client has explicitly consented to the same.

However, if it is necessary for the provision of any of the services contracted by the client, it will be adequately informed in the corresponding General or Specific Conditions.

  • Further treatment

If JETNET requires the subsequent processing of your personal data for a purpose other than those included in this Privacy Policy, you will be informed in advance, including all the information that is legally required, as well as the purposes provided for said processing.

  • Processing of minors’ data

JETNET expressly prohibits those under 14 years of age from providing their personal data to JETNET without the prior consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

In the event that the Client grants the use of the services to a user under 14 years of age, as the person responsible for the same, they will be responsible for authorizing and deciding before JETNET on the processing of their data in the terms set forth in this Policy.

JETNET will ensure the appropriate use of minors’ data, guaranteeing respect for the laws that apply to them with the measures that are reasonably appropriate.

When parents, guardians or legal representatives of these minors detect unauthorized data processing, they may submit their queries or complaints by writing to  administracion@jetnet.es .

  • How and why do we anonymize your data?

In the anonymization process, real personal data are replaced by irreversible unique identifiers, in such a way that it is not possible to execute the process in reverse (it will not be possible, for example, to obtain the telephone number or any other personal data). personal character from the aforementioned identifier).

On the other hand, the data is analyzed with the aim of obtaining results, always in an aggregate manner, in order to identify behaviors of a general nature and never of an individual nature. Once aggregated, the data is statistically extrapolated to make an estimate of the total number of people, so as not to take into account only those who are connected to the JETNET network. For all of the above, given that the data is anonymized, aggregated and extrapolated, it is totally impossible to individually identify the people who generated said data.

  • Cookies

Like other Internet portals, JETNET websites use a technology called “cookies” to collect information about user interactions and how the Websites are used.

If as a JETNET client you accept the cookies on our websites, you also accept that JETNET identifies you as a client or user and can process the information for internal analysis and for the treatments that you have allowed or authorized associated with your status as a client, this being applicable. JETNET Privacy Policy in addition to what is indicated in the Cookies Policy.

If you wish to obtain detailed information about how JETNET uses cookies, you can consult the Cookies Policy here.

  • Policy changes

JETNET may update this Privacy Policy at any time. Said update will be made public by JETNET in any case, and will be communicated directly to the client or user in the event that it affects their rights or freedoms. For example, the inclusion of a new treatment that requires consent from the interested party will be made public since this will have to be explicitly accepted, and the client or user will be notified directly of the modification of the scope of the legitimate interest that affects the processing of their data. .

All notifications, modifications and communications by JETNET to the CLIENT related to the Privacy Policy will be made with the necessary legal notice, in one of the following ways as appropriate: (a) information on invoice; (b) sending by postal mail or email to any of the addresses that the CUSTOMER provides to JETNET; (c) communication by means of a telephone call to the telephone number(s) of the CUSTOMER or user, (d) by means of an SMS.

The use of our services once this change has been communicated will imply the client’s knowledge of it in the terms set out in the new published privacy policy.

  • Some more conditions

These conditions constitute JETNET’s Privacy Policy with its clients in relation to the use of its products and services, and replace any previous agreements that may exist between both.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are informed that the JETNET Customer Privacy Policy is formed by this document as well as the specific privacy conditions of each of the JETNET products and services, which will be completed and interpreted in a coherent and systematically respecting, in any case, the client’s will regarding the general treatments included here, without affecting the specific conditions of the contracted services.

Additionally, it is reported that there are other Privacy Policies that may be applicable depending on the type of client in question:

  • Clients who have contracted a company client product
  • Non-customers
  • Customers who have accepted a specific Privacy Policy other than this one, which you can consult here

In the event that any of the provisions of these conditions, or part of them, are declared illegal, invalid or not applicable by a competent administrative or judicial entity, it will be considered non-existent, without affecting the other provisions.

The delay or lack of exercise by JETNET of a legal action or of any right described in these conditions does not imply, in any case, a waiver thereof.

Likewise, the failure to claim a breach of the obligations established in these conditions will not imply a waiver of your subsequent claim.

  • Download privacy policy

Download our complete Privacy Policy by clicking here

  • Glossary of terms used

Concepts that will be referred to:

  • JETNET Website and Apps : JETNET website and applications made available to the customer or user for the use of its JETNET products and services.
  • Owner or client : person or company that formalizes the contractual relationship regarding JETNET products and services (hereinafter, also referred to as client).
  • Company representative or interlocutor : person designated by the company that is the client of the product or service, to legally represent it and/or to receive informative and/or commercial communications.
  • JETNET Product or Service : products or services whose commercialization is carried out under any of the JETNET brand. In this sense, under the JETNET brand, mobile, fixed, broadband and television telecommunications services, sales of terminals, insurance, microcredit, information technology services, security, etc. may be provided.
  • Commercial profile : it is an automated data processing consisting of evaluating certain personal aspects of a client or user to analyze or predict aspects related to, for example, their economic situation, personal preferences, interests, behavior, location or movements of said natural person, with the aim of adapting the commercial offer to your tastes, preferences and use of the services, which may include the combination of data provided by the client or user and others generated by JETNET.
  • JETNET Partners : They are collaborators or third-party companies outside of JETNET and with respect to which, in specifically indicated cases, we may advertise to you.
  • Media for advertising campaigns (including electronic and digital) : will be those carried out by telephone, postal mail or email and SMS or other equivalent means of electronic communication.
  • User : person who uses any product or service, website or App of JETNET.