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Roaming Fair Use Policy

When traveling abroad, it is important that you check the roaming prices of the country you are going to.

Zone 1: European Union

If you travel through zone 1 countries, European Union, you can call, send SMS and use the Gigs included in your rate as if you were in Spain, since we will apply the same conditions of your current rate. You will not pay for calls received either.

Countries included in Zone 1: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (except North Turkey), Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe Island, French Guiana, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Martinique Island, Reunion Island, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco (French operators), Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin Island, San Marino (Italian operators), Sweden, and Vatican (Italian operators).

Reasonable Use Policy for Roaming in Zone 1: Reasonable and non-abusive roaming traffic from an EU country (zone 1) will be counted in national traffic, under the same conditions applicable to the contracted national rate. The following will be considered abusive use: a) the lack of residence or stable link in Spain of the client, and Jetnet may request documentation justifying said links; b) the existence of long periods of inactivity of a certain SIM card linked to main or exclusive use in roaming; c) the activity and use sequences in roaming of multiple SIM cards by the client; d) when it is observed that, in a minimum period of four (4) months, the consumption and stay by the client/lines in other countries prevails over the consumption and stay made in Spain. If abusive use is detected, Jetnet will inform the client (either through SMS or, where appropriate, other means of contact established in the General Conditions or client contract), giving the client fifteen (15) calendar days to modify its usage guidelines and/or demonstrate the existence of stable links in Spain. If you do not do so, Jetnet will apply the following prices to all roaming uses made in the EU: calls 18 cents. € establishment and 1.21 cent.€/min, data 10 cent. €/MB (21% VAT included). This surcharge will stop applying when Jetnet verifies that the client has effectively ceased the pattern of abusive use. All this without prejudice to the rest of the rights that you may have for Jetnet in cases of fraud.

(*) The disappearance of roaming only applies to countries belonging to the European economic area made up of the 28 member countries of the EU and associated countries. Andorra and Switzerland do not belong to the European economic area.

How does roaming work outside the European Union?
Outside the European Union, the rate that will be applied will depend on the destination country. You must take into account the roaming zone to which the country you are traveling to belongs.

Below, you can check the rate that will be applied in each of the countries:

Zone 2: United States, Canada, Maghreb and rest of Europe
Countries included in Zone 2 are: United States, Canada, Albania, Andorra, Algeria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Island of Jersey, Isle of Man, Guerney Island, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine

The corresponding rates for these countries included in Zone 2 are:

  • Calls sent/received from Zone 2 to Zone 1 or 2 are charged at €1.75/min with a call establishment of €1.50. If it is from Zone 2 to the rest of the destinations €2.60/min.
  • Text messages sent will be charged €1.00/SMS
  • Data traffic issued/received €10.00/MB

Zone 3: Rest of the World
Countries included in Zone 3: the rest of the countries in the world not included in zones 1 and 2.

The corresponding rates for the countries included in Zone 3 are:

Calls sent/received from Zone 3 to any zone are charged at €2.60/min with a call establishment of €1.50.
Text messages sent will be charged at €1.00/SMS
Data traffic sent and received €10.00/MB

*The corresponding indirect taxes will apply to the prices indicated: Peninsula and Balearic Islands apply VAT 21%, Ceuta IPSI 10%, Melilla IPSI 8% and Canary Islands IGIC 3%.

We don’t want you to have any surprises when you return from your trip. You have a limit of €50 per month (VAT not included) to enjoy all roaming services from any country in Zone 2 and 3. Once this limit is exceeded, the roaming service will be cut off for your safety and to avoid having a very high bill. . You can recover the connection, if you want to continue browsing abroad, by calling Customer Service.