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How to configure the APN of Jetnet Mobile – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows

Do you already have the SIM card for Jetnet Mobile? Well, now it is only configure the APN on your smartphone.

Here we give you the steps to do it, depending on the operating system of your device, Android, IOS (iPhone) or Blackberry OS.



Go to Menu> Settings> Wireless Controls> Mobile> APN Networks (also can be called Access Point Names)

If you see a NPC already created, just delete it so that there is no problem. To delete it, hit the right button on your phone and pressing Delete.

When previous existing NPC are all removed, click the right button on your phone and give it to New APN. Then you just have to fill the following data:

– NAME. Jetnet

– APN: inet.es

– MCC writes: 214

– MNC: 03

– Type APN:  Leave blank

Other data must be “Undefined”



First download and install the Plugin attached

When installed:

Go to Settings> Mobile Data> Mobile Data Network> And click “Reset Settings”

Change or complete the following information:

Access point: inet.es

– Username and Password: Leave in blank

If you have problems downloading and installing the plugin, follow the steps in this manual




If you have installed on your device the 5.x software:

Enter “Options”> “Advanced”> “TCP”

– In APN: inet.es

– Leave blank Username and Password


If you have installed on your device’s software 6.x or 7.x:

Enter “Settings”> “Device”> “Advanced System Settings”> “TCP”

– In APN: inet.es

– Leave blank Username and Password



Access the configuration of our mobile:
– Windows Phone 8: Settings> Access point> Add

– Windows phone 7: Settings> Mobile Network> Add APN


Then we add our data APN:
Access Point Name: JetNet

APN: inet.es
Username: empty
Password: empty

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